Our Story

Nothing has changed from our initial round of discussions back in 2006, when we agreed that we would aim to produce a range of consistent, high quality products and make them accessible to as many families as possible, at an affordable price point.
Our expertise lies in sourcing and selecting the best quality olives and grapes from serious producers throughout the Hunter Valley & NSW.
Hunter Valley Olive Co. products are processed, bottled and warehoused in a first-class facility located at Pukara Estate, the use of this facility allows us to capture and preserve the natural goodness and flavours of the fruit and maintain a consistent supply to our customers.
From there, we take our products to the market via our sales distribution channels. You will find our products at several sales outlets from weekend farmer’s markets, to your local Deli, butcher or your local IGA grocery store. For your convenience, you can always purchase online as well.
Thanks for supporting 6th generation Australian farmers, we appreciate it!
Steve & Racquel Goodchild.